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The incredible balance of a fantastic journey [E]

Now it's over - our tour 18 days across China from Xi'an via Changsha to Qingdao and Shanghai and as a highlight the famous Mogao Grottos of Dunhuang: We travelled with 53 singers from 21 countries as well as 120 members of the "Orchestre National de Lyon" as well as a top-class soloist quartet to the Middle Kingdom and were cheered by about 10,000 spectators in six sold-out concerts at five locations. The approximately 170 artists of the giant production and the organisation team covered more than 8,000 km on five domestic Chinese flights and many transfers on Chinese roads.

At the concluding festive dinner in Shanghai there was another surprise: Hunan TV Chairman Chen Gang, under the enthusiastic impression of the great success, announced the establishment of a new "Tan Dun Foundation for Music Creation" with the aim of promoting the exchange of musicians from the West and China. A unique act, which is also due to the great commitment of Rolf Beck and his "International Choir Academy Lübeck" in China.

For us the successful journey with the "Buddha Passion" continues: Together with Tan Dun a tour to Taiwan and South Korea is planned for the next months. In April 2020, we kindly invite the audience to attend our "Buddha Passion" at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie.

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