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Our concert venue in Changsha was more like an oversized spaceship than a classical concert hall - ultra-modern architecture inside and out! It was designed by none other than Zaha Hadid. As in the other cities, the hall was occupied to the last seat. No question about it, the audience was already cheering during the break.

Nevertheless, the whole atmosphere was quite different: Changsha is Tan Dun's hometown, which gives him a kind of pop star status and at the end of the concert led to people crowding the ramp of the stage to shake his hand at least once. Here the atmosphere in the hall was not as devout as in other places, the people celebrated the "Buddha Passion" and its Tan Dun frenetically.

The evening before, all Tan Dun's performers were guests at a very extraordinary dinner in the style of the 70s: on the occasion of the first visit of the "Orchestra Nationa de Lyon" to China in the 70s, the setting of the evening was simply shifted back to the past. What a show, what a food! And of course there was a lot of rice wine and singing again. When Chinese celebrate ...!

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