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From Hamburg to Hong Kong - and right to the first rehearsal

While travelling was a real pleasure without any delays or missing luggage - even though it took more than 14 hours to get to Hong Kong - the rehearsal plan of the concert promoters for the first evening of all singers in Hong Kong presented a real surprise: After only one hour of refreshment at the hotel room the whole group was invited to attend the first rehearsal with Tan Dun and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Choir - a choir made out of medical doctors and lawyers, as Tan Dun explained the kind of new and interesting sound experiance for the mainly overtired German singers.

But Maestro Tan Dun provided the perfect recepy for this situation: "Chinese singers: please focus on the pronounciation! German singers: please just keep singing!" In this moment at the latest everybody from the Internationale Chorakademie Lübeck knew, why it was so important to have this rehearsal on the day of the arrival. And in return, all singers had a day off before the first orchestral rehearsal the next day in the evening in the concert hall. The perfect opportunity to relax, to get along with the jetlag and have some sightseeing during the day.

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