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Buddha Passion Impression I [E]

Under the headline "Buddha Passion Impression" we offer the possibility to the members of the Choir Academy in this blog to describe their impressions in short statements. Today with Christoph Engel (right) and Stefan Lin:

Christoph Engel

(since 2 years at ICA and the first time in China)

It is interesting to experience the culture here and to see how open and friendly the Chinese hosts are towards us everywhere. On this tour we also get to cities you wouldn't normally get to know. I was especially impressed by Dunhuang - of course because of the grottos and of course against the background of our passion. I also like to try new food. You can really do that here every day!

Stefan Lin

(was already involved in three ICA projects)

My grandparents came from Qingdao, so I am especially excited about this station of our journey. I am from Taiwan and came to Germany 9 years ago. I am happy to present my music, which I learned in Germany, in China. I like the "Buddha Passion" because I like the very vivid sound of Tan Dun. He has an eastern AND a western view of the whole and can therefore contribute both musical parts. Also the instrumentation of the music and the tone colours are very exciting ...

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