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"Abendlied" - on a Sunday morning

Today's Sunday started for the singers of the International Chorkademie Lübeck with a real open minded and inspiring Sunday service at St. Pauli church in Hamburg. The vocal ensemble was part of this in order to say thank you for the possibility to rehearse for the Hong Kong concerts at the church the days before. Seemed to be a little bit cold sometimes, but the church provides a great accoustic for singing. That is something everybody in the audiance could discover during the service - especially during Josef Rheinberger's "Abendlied" (evening song):

Having brought back this amazing sound of the choir in only two days was the merit of Rolf Beck's amazing work with his ensemble. After the service it was clear to everybody that his choir now is perfectly prepared for the challange of singing Tan Dun's "Buddha Passion" in Hong Kong - a piece not only in Chinese, but also in Sanskrit. Rolf Beck: "We go to Hong Kong to help our friend Tan Dun realizing a really challenging piece by him we already premiered in May at the Dresdener Musikfestspiele. He knows us - and he knows, that we work hard to sound native Chinese-speaking in front of a Chinese audience. I promise, he will not regret having invited us again." Right after the Sunday service the whole group picked up their luggage at the hotel and went to the airport for take off to a new adventure as another important landmark in the choir's history.

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