The International Choir Academy Lübeck unites singers from four continents into its ranks, which renders it unique in the world.


The question often arises as to how an academy with so many nationalities is managed, how the young singers communicate with one another, and how they learn the pieces and master the languages in which they are written – often German or Italian.


The working language in the International Choir Academy Lübeck is English.  All of the rehearsals, master classes, and coachings take place in this language, as well as all the organizational procedures. For the often difficult German or Italian texts in the various works, the participants of the Academy receive directed diction and language instruction with a diction coach.


However, if after rehearsals one were to sit down with the choir at mealtimes, or walk into the common rooms, one would hear a mixture of different language scraps, interfused with laughter, gesturing, and singing.  The members of the Academy always find a way to communicate, often using the language of music.


Unforgettable are the evenings in the common rooms when suddenly a singer begins to sing songs from his or her home country and little by little the others join in, and then add typical melodies of their own home countries as well.  It is through these occasions that the singers gain more insight into the souls of the others; much more than a thousand conversations could possibly provide– an experience that forms a lasting bond between them.


Despite different languages, it is an easy matter for the members of the Academy to cross all barriers and borders and find a common basis for an understanding through the language of music.


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