Joy, enthusiasm, openness, and curiosity – the International Choir Academy’s work unites all of these.


The International Choir Academy Lübeck is young and dynamic – a fact which concertgoers are convinced of time and time again. The Academy participants draw on a special energy from their time together and continue to spur one another on to ever higher quality performances. 

Even when these young singers join together with ensembles specializing in other genres, this special dynamic is still noticeable.  It is not without reason that every year at least one so-called “cross-over” project is featured on the program of the International Choir Academy Lübeck – this winter the a-cappella ensemble Vocal Six will perform on the program once again.


Further collaborations in the past have been with Nils Landgren, Tan Dun, Fazil Say, and many others. These projects add a further facet to the wide portfolio of the International Choir Academy Lübeck.


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